Many of us are aware that for several years employees and some employers have discussed the benefits of a 4-day working week. There are many employers that only operate until 1pm on a Friday too! 

 Finishing early for the week or earlier on a Friday would give so many a better work/life balance, but for some industries they think it’s just not possible due to the nature of the work.  

 4 Day Week Global in partnership with Autonomy and the 4 Day Week UK Campaign have started to pilot the 4 day working week in the UK for 6 months. 

 Not only is there support workshops, training and mentoring, you get access to a whole network of expertise to get the most out of the trial. 

 Of course, assessing if it works is fundamental to knowing its’ success, which again is part of the support network through the pilot scheme. From a HR perspective, it allows us to feed back to employers a way to re-shape their staff working hours and structure to ensure it works for them in their industry. 

 It would be interesting to find out whether you have tried it or are currently running on a 4-day week and how it works for your business. Please provide a comment with your own thoughts or experiences on this subject.  

 Did you find it: – 

  • Increased Motivation 
  • Attracted / Retained Staff 
  • Improved Staff Attendance 
  • Encouraged Staff to be more Productive 
  • Reduced Stress 


What is the reasoning behind it and does it work?  

 If you want to know more about the 4 day trials and how it could work for you, please click on the link to find out more